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Colorado School of Mines Bulletin



Mission and Goals

Colorado School of Mines is a public research university devoted to engineering and applied science related to resources. It is one of the leading institutions in the nation and the world in these areas. It has the highest admission standards of any university in Colorado and among the highest of any public university in the U.S. CSM has dedicated itself to responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources. It is one of a very few institutions in the world having broad expertise in resource exploration, extraction, production and utilization which can be brought to bear on the world’s pressing resource-related environmental problems. As such, it occupies a unique position among the world’s institutions of higher education.

The school’s role and mission has remained constant and is written in the Colorado statutes as: The Colorado School of Mines shall be a specialized baccalaureate and graduate research institution with high admission standards. The Colorado School of Mines shall have a unique mission in energy, mineral, and materials science and engineering and associated engineering and science fields. The school shall be the primary institution of higher education offering energy, mineral and materials science and mineral engineering degrees at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. (Colorado revised Statutes, Section 23-41-105)

Throughout the school’s history, the translation of its mission into educational programs has been influenced by the needs of society. Those needs are now focused more clearly than ever before. We believe that the world faces a crisis in balancing resource availability with environmental protection and that CSM and its programs are central to the solution to that crisis. Therefore the school’s mission is elaborated upon as follows:

Colorado School of Mines is dedicated to educating students and professionals in the applied sciences, engineering, and associated fields related to

  • the discovery and recovery of the Earth’s resources
  • their conversion to materials and energy
  • their utilization in advanced processes and products
  • the economic and social systems necessary to ensure their prudent and provident use in a sustainable global society

This mission will be achieved by the creation, integration, and exchange of knowledge in engineering, the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, business and their union to create processes and products to enhance the quality of life of the world’s inhabitants.

The Colorado School of Mines is consequently committed to serving the people of Colorado, the nation, and the global community by promoting stewardship of the Earth upon which all life and development depend. (Colorado School of Mines Board of Trustees, 2000)